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Make sure that the rope is short enough that it is taut when the violin is in the proper position. Keep your violin in proper playing position with scroll pointed to the music and not to the brass section your eye should look down the fingerboard to the scroll.

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Additionally you should be able to stretch your middle fingers around the scroll easily.

Sitting position violin. This will put your left-hand fingers in the ideal position for intonation and controlled vibrato. Static postures include sitting or holding up an outstretched arm as we would when we hold the bow especially at the tip or in a violinists left arm while he holds his instrument. It will not be literally flat it will tilt forward but visualizing the table can help correct a drooping fiddle.

Keeping your spine straight lean slightly into your lower back to bring the violin up. The violin rising to meet the bow helps contact with the string. Stance and Violin Position.

Standing or sitting up straight not only improves tone production and control but it also prevents injury and discomfort. Sitting up straight turn your head enough that your nose lines up with the left foot. The first step to having correct violin posture is playing on the correct size violin.

For sitting position keep your back straight. Once youve completed your childs footmap Have them move from rest to playing position a few times using their violin so that they get used to the position and know how to use their footmap correctly. Proper posture is essential for good violin playing.

Hold your spine straight and relax into this position. You should be able to keep the violin steady using only your chin. To properly position the pad place it on the shoulder as shown.

Holding the pad in place on the back of the violin take the violin away from the shoulder and turn it over. Young beginners enjoy balancing a marble on the strings to show that the violin is not drooping. Drop your chin and place the violin so that its also aligned with your left foot.

And for cellists its in the left arm muscles especially when playing in higher positions that require lifting the arm above the shoulder level where. Learn how to stand sit and hold the violin. This is primarily for my private students and as a guide for self-.

Adjust the position of the pad slightly for comfort. Your left elbow should move inward and well under the back of the violin. Do not slouch or cross your legs or spread your legs too far apart.

Many violin players however struggle with their posture which can lead to poor technique and cause both short and long term injuries. This video is about cello posture endpin length contact points and how to fix common problems that beginners have. Feet Torso and Shoulders.

The violin has a tendency to drop with bad posture so check your posture if you notice the violin dropping constantly. To find out if you have the correct size reach under your violin while in a playing position. Nose Fingerboard Elbow Left Foot.

The correct sound post position on your Violin Viola Cello and Doublebass is important to get the best sound out of your instrument. For little students the footmap should be used each and every time they go to play so that standing correctly becomes a habit. Then bring the violin up into playing position.

Secure the pad with the elastic band. Seated Posture for Violin Playing Watch this after studying the Playing Position videos. When you extend your arm in front of you the scroll should touch your palm.

Great form and posture establish the foundation for beautiful playing. When chin power is fully established bring up the left hand. To help with this tie a rope from the ceiling and attach it to the scroll of the violin.

Keep the violin parallel to the ground or more or less with the top of the violin relatively flat like a table. Center or shift to left foot. When the violin is on the collar bone the left shoulder moves slightly under the violin.

Sitting up on the edge of the chair while playing the violin Posted on December 30 2010 by Fiddlerman Obviously we need to keep good posture in mind but the one single change that I made helping me play violin for countless hours without getting tired is to learn to sit on the edge of my chair.

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