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In Death Note a manga anime and set of live action films L is a character admired for his intelligence odd behaviors and dry sense of humorAlthough rude and without general manners L tends to be the most loved in the series aside from his target and nemesis Light Yagami. Uploaded partially as a test to see if VLC could record good and partially for a friendSorry for Engrish dub couldnt get subtitles to record.

Death Note 5 Times Light Was The Smartest Character 5 Times It Was L

You can google the image for a clearer picture of what Im saying.

L sitting position death note. Death Note is like fine wine. Most people who sit they sit for comfort like a normal person. He has what he says a back problem thats make him sit in an almost fetal position like pose.

The L Nendoroid comes with a chair an extra arm holding a cell phone another body of L but in his crouching posture and three other faces an angry face a shocked face and a face looking to the right. The deep squat is a much more natural sitting position. Let me expand on it.

If you do minimal research like me and add these facts together the conclusion seems to be to me. Ryuk offers some comedic relief with his apple antics and snarky comments. He also has a habit of semi sticking his thumb in his mouth while doing it.

All the little details of proper form and technique require good concentration and awareness of whats going on with your body so this position teaches you so much more than just going through the motions. L sits in a position that in my experience cuts off blood circulation and causes more to travel to the brain. This uncomfortable position probably prevents him from getting too relaxed and out of focus.

No need for a. My chiropracter was not happy. One of the main characters in the Death Note manga and anime series.

You may try listening to his themes from death note as well as other music from this anime. During the English dub scene in the helicopter in episode 24 when L is holding the Death Note and giving a stream of thoughts showing how this notebook proves that Light is Kira that last thing he says at the end of the stream is. 5 Ways Part 2 Is Underrated 5 Things Part 1 Does Better But there is some humor to be had in this infamous game of cat and mouse.

You may also want to listen to meditative music as L is always calm and stoic. He is seen sitting in awkward positions and usually eating sweets. The worlds greatest detective L sits in an odd position claiming it increases his reasoning abilities.

More blood to the brainsmarter. Hehe ok i did a bit of an otaku thing and sat in Ls position for a few hours every night for a few weeks resulting in a twisted rib cage and screwed up shoulders. He is the source of many cosplays and costumes because of his fame and simple style of dress.

L is one of the characters in Death Note. Some people try to copy this for cosplay or for everyday life but if you find it hard. Its often called an Asian squat or third world squat in the West because its witnessed more in populations such as the Chinese.

How to Sit Like L Lawliet from Death Note. Sitting in Ls position. Most westerners tend to lose their squatting flexibility by adulthood.

Further he eats mostly ice cream kind of things which gives him more calories and essential blo. L doesnt seem to have any particular interest in music. He was once again sitting in his favored sitting position the decreases my deduction ability by 40 if I dont sit like this pose.

So I was wondering if sitting in that crouched position for long periods of time or at all is harmful in any way and if it is bad due to extended periods of time please give an estimate of how long it takes to. It gracefully ages as time goes on. The L-Sit is a great example of a bodyweight exercise with a lot of benefits.

L was one of the Death Note characters made into Nendoroid figures. Hence the way L sits in Death note will enable him to excel intellectually. Ls candy addiction and sitting position is quintessential.

L is considered the greatest detective in the world. This could possibly increase his intelligence temporarily. Theres also the infamous potato chip scene.

Randomly felt like making a video on his character an. Theres an in-universe reason for this as helicopter controls cannot be used from Ls usual sitting position. Similarly south Indians sit in a posture like Padmashana while eating because more blood shall flow to stomach to enable digestion process.

HttpsyoutubeUJh5hHeqmYsThis was 10 Facts About L That You Absolutely Must Know. If you dont like any of those dont force yourself. This causes a person to relax chill and feel comfortable.

He had tried calling bullshit a few days after that confrontation but Ls point-blank stare and statement that perhaps if Light-kun were to try it he would no longer badger me about it had stopped him. I find it rather comfortable and its slowly becoming a lot more frequent for me to do so. See more ideas about death note l death note l x light.

Feb 27 2020 - Explore AshKeiths board Light x l on Pinterest. BUT i believe the IQ theory IQ increases by 40 really does work. So I recently finished watching a lot of Death Note and I attempted to sit similarly to L.

Now try sitting like L does for a long time and you will find that it gets uncomfortable after a short while. Of course stay honest with yourself.

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