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Girls Selfie

Selfie Word Introduces in 2016 & Now every teen boy & girl addicted to taking selfies at daily life activities. People like to take photos on different occasions. Teen Girls are seen to take more pictures than teen boys. Different poses like chick face, pout face and cheese faces are most common in Girls selfie.Especially Girls are addicted to photography so Girls DP share awesome selfie ideas with our followers. Either in Parties, on weddings, in academic functions, etc or whatever the event is.

Girls Selfie

From the girl in her bathroom mirror to the girl in the crowded public place. People are snapping Girls selfies in private, in public, and in situations that both captivated and confused.


Many of Selfie poses are being used while taking selfies

  • Pout Selfie

    Selfie GIFs

    Selfie GIFs

  • Cheese selfie

  • Wink Selfie

  • Philosopher Thinking Pose

  • Crop in tight

  • Ditch the face

  • The two-handed picture

  • Shying pose

  • Selfie of a selfie


Pout Selfie

Pout means “pushing one’s lips or one’s bottom lip forward as an expression of petulant annoyance”. This posed selfies are most commonly used. These poses are mostly adopted by young and teen girls.

Sunny Leone Pout Selfie Kareena Kapoor Pout Selfie Mawra Hocane Pout Selfie Cute Girls Pout-Selfie Selfie Girls Pout

Wink Selfie

Wink girls Selfie is 2nd most common pose being used. Winking gives girls Cute and adorable selfie look. wink means, “close and open one eye quickly, typically to indicate that something is a joke or a secret or as a signal of affection or greeting.”


South Indian Girls Wink Selfie Indian Girl Wink-Selfie Wink-Selfie Cute Girls Chinese Girl Wink-Selfie

Philosopher Thinking Pose 

This pose is most common to the girls who love literature and who are life thinkers. Girls are usually deemed to be sensitive and over-thinker. This pose is adopted by a large traffic of Girls to set as their profile pics or as their DP.

Philosopher-Girls Philosopher-Girls-Pose Indian Philosopher-Girls-Selfie Indian Philosopher Girls Selfie

The Two-handed picture

Two-handed pictures were once the most common selfie by Girls and boys. But girls were using this pose a lot than boys. It gives the Stylish and decent look the overall picture.

Model Girls Selfie Girls two-handed Pic Priyanka Chopra Two-handed Picture Two-Handed Selfie


Selfie of a Selfie

In 2000’s Selfie of a selfie was the most common pose to be seen, overall social media. Where it’s about boys or girls, they were seen capturing a selfie of a selfie. Girls were mostly seen capturing with this pose usually in a front mirror in their rooms, in shopping malls, and in their cars mirrors. It is adored and liked by mostly all selfie lovers girls.

Selfie of a Selfie Indian Girls Selfie of a Selfie Pose Selfie of a Selfie Pose


Shying Pose

Many girls take a selfie in the shying pose, With an arm outstretched just above eye level. This post is adopted by all age girls, but mostly by those who are above the teenage.

Shying Pose Girls-Selfie
Shy Girls Pose Shy Girls Selfie Pose


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