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Bernie Sanders braving the chilly January air in a forest green coat mask and patterned mittens. Amidst the clusters of dignitaries and government officials in bright eye-catching colors one onlooker stood out above the pageantry.

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Bernie Sanders Sitting in a Chair With Mittens Meme Template In this iconic image from the 2021 Presidential Inauguration of Joe Biden Bernie Sanders sits cross-legged in a chair wearing a mask and mittens.

Bernie sanders sitting no chair. On January 20 2021 the inauguration day shone brightly when Joe Biden the current president of the United States took the oath of the new administration. Its only January and we probably have witnessed the best meme of 2021. The photo of the former Democratic presidential.

So much so that Bernies campaign store dropped official merch to commemorate the moment. Bernie Sanders might not have expected to receive such attention for just sitting quietly in a chair at President Joe Bidens inauguration. Bernie Sanders sitting in chair at inauguration becomes internet sensation.

The inauguration of the 46th President of the United States was distinctly marked with feelings of hope progress and much-needed change. Theres now a tool that lets you put him in images taken from Google Maps Street View for infinite. This couldve been an email 7 Twitter users delighted in Bernies laidback.

Another user - who shared a photo of Sanders sitting on a folding chair with his legs and arms crossed - tweeted. Bernie Sanders took a seat in a folding chair crossed his legs and hands and waited for the. Memes made by placing him in various pop.

Select Still Photo Animated GIF or Boomerang or try them all. Bernie Sanders In Parka and Mittens At Joe Bidens Inauguration refers to the numerous jokes made about pictures of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders attending the Inauguration of Joe Biden in a parka and mittens. Senator Bernie Sanders sitting in a chair has taken over the internet.

Meme makers online immediately cut Bernie out of the image and placed him in all kinds of different scenes. Bernie Sanders In Parka and Mittens At Joe Bidens Inauguration refers to the numerous jokes made about pictures of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders attending the Inauguration of Joe Biden in a parka and mittens. Capitol in a folding chair wearing a blue surgical mask a brown parka and his now-famous wool mittens.

The inauguration may be over but one of the memes is going viral on the internet around the world. Bernie Sanders stole the show just by sitting on a chair in his winter gear. Than attend President Joe Biden.

In particular a picture of Sanders sitting bundled up in a chair became an exploitable. Old man sitting in the chair Meaning of the meme. It started with a funny enough real picture of the Vermont senator and new chair of Senate Budget Committee at the inauguration writes Judy Gold and blew up into a photoshopped meme that we.

In the now-iconic image Sanders sits at the US. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris might have been the headliners of Wednesdays inauguration but Sen. Bernie Sanders sitting in a chair at Joe Bidens inauguration quickly became a meme.

When applied the filter brings up the famous photo of Bernie Sanders sitting on the chair wearing his mittens and allows you to take a photo so it looks like hes in your camera screen. The photo which shows Sanders looking less-than-amused slouching and sitting alone in a folded chair on the inauguration stage has spawned countless memes in multiple languages and sold. There are plenty of reasons why the American people idolize Bernie Sanders and after the 2021 inauguration day events you can add top-notch meme material to the list.

Make your own SitWithBernie Meme in our Virtual Photo Booth in 4 Simple Steps. At President Bidens inauguration Wednesday two-time presidential candidate and longtime Vermont Sen. The sight of bundled mitten-clad mask-wearing Senator Bernie Sanders sitting on a folding chair at the inauguration of Joe Biden was just one of many the veteran photographer Brendan Smialowski.

Sanders was filmed and photographed sitting in a folding chair with over-sized knitted mittens on and some important documents under his arm looking like he had more to do in Washington DC. In particular a picture of Sanders sitting bundled up in a chair became an exploitable. Bernie Sanders sitting on a chair wearing mittens.

Bernie Sanders attends Joe Bidens inauguration.

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